Walk-through: Get Familiar With our Intuitive Platform

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Walk-through: Get Familiar With our Intuitive Platform

We carefully designed our website to be the most intuitive and easy place to find answers about using the Tutella platform. Before you log in, you can take some time to browse through our content, features, pricing and more – a great way to familiarise yourself with the essence of Tutella.

Once you log in, you’ll have a straightforward preview of everything you need to digitalise your school processes. We prepared separate tutorials on each functionality and offer a complete visual walk-through on our Youtube channel, so make sure you subscribe and follow. Furthermore, we’ll share the newest trends in digitalised education on our social media profiles, and we’d love to have you as a part of our audience!

Now, let’s get back to the school dashboard. There you are provided with all essential information about your school, leaders and students. There is a display of the total number of users (good to keep track, for more information see: pricing), the total number of photos posted to your school’s timeline, total groups (you can segment your users in the way you see most fit), and of course, the total overdue sum.

Below, you’ll find the surveys overview, which lets you know the percentage of users that took a certain survey, the percentage that expired while answering (see: timer option), and the percentage of cancelled surveys. Further down is an overview of the last survey taken by the students and its statistics.

For a detailed view of the surveys, go to the survey section (the icon right below the home icon), and there you’ll find all the surveys by name, creator, participants and date. In the right corner there are three actions you can take – view, copy or delete a survey.

The third icon in your dashboard is the photo icon which will redirect you to all the photos posted on your school’s timeline. You can sort the photos by uploaders, groups and dates, which is a very convenient way to monitor all content that is being published.

The last icon is the groups icon which lets you sort your students and leaders into groups, and you can also monitor how many members are in each group. If you navigate to the top, you’ll find your profile icon where you can make all the tweaks you need, see your school address, email and phone, as well as the unique enrollment code.

If you need any more information about how to use the Tutella digital platform, contact us or refer to our Youtube channel.

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