Questions and answers


Can I try before I buy?

Yes. Each school can trial Tutella with 10 free student licenses and one free leader license.

What do I get when I sign up?

Tutella is a Web Portal you can access in your school office, at home on your laptop or via your phone. You also get 2 apps available on the App Store and Google Play. The students have an app and the school leaders have their own app.

Is my school tied to a 12 month contract?

No, schools can cancel at any time.

Can a school pay by bank transfer?

Yes schools can request an invoice and pay via bank transfer.

Is there technical support?

Yes. Email or call

What about user instructions?

Instructions on how to use Tutella can be found on our tutorials. We have an instructional video which explains how to utilise each feature.

How do I set up my school profile?

Just go to login here
Enter your email address and create a password

What happens then?

You’ll receive a confirmation email just to make sure it’s you!

What if I forget my password?

No problem, just give back to log in and click forgot my password

Can we have more than one user?

No, it’s one account per school.

The Tutella Portal

What does the school portal do?

All the photos that your students take on excursions can be found in the photo section of the portal.

Anything else?

Create surveys and send them to groups and individual students.

What happens to the results?

All surveys are sent back to the portal.

Can the school present the results?

Yes just click the PDF button and a pie chart will be produced. Print it and stick on the noticeboard or publish on social media

How do students connect with the school portal?

Via the school enrolment code

Where’s the enrolment code?

It’s in the portal under school profile.

Can the leader create a survey?

Yes, the leader can create an a survey on the app and send to the group.

What if the students don’t want to use the photo feature?

Very simple there’s a prompt to ask if they want to use the feature and they can turn it off if they change their mind.

The Tutella student app

Do the students have to provide an email address to sign up to Tutella?

Tutella does NOT require any personal information from a student.

What about a phone number?

No. The phone number is not required either.

How does a student sign up?

Create a unique username and password.

What if the student forgets their password?

Once a student has logged in the user remains logged in.

Even after the student uninstalls the app?

Yes the student remains signed in.

Can the school remove the student?

Yes, via the school portal.

Is the app GDPR compliant?

Yes, there’s notice before the log in screen informing the student.

What can the student do on the app?

Receive and answer surveys.
Upload photos to the school
Receive notifications from the school.

Can the student reply to the notifications?

No, it’s one way messaging.

How does the school portal connect with student app?

Via the school enrolment code. The student is prompted to enter the code, the school can then send surveys and notifications.


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