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Creating Your Own Unique Username ID
How the Timer in the Survey Feature Works
Navigate your School Dashboard Like a Pro
Digital Feedback Forms vs. Traditional Pen and Paper

The feedback your students provide about their lessons, activities and school events can be very valuable in helping your school improve and adapt. It’s a great way for you to hear their concerns in a timely manner and be able to react accordingly and on the spot. One way of getting feedback from your students […]

Why we Want Your Feedback as a School

So far, we’ve talked about how student feedback is a great way for your school to improve the experience it offers. But, we at Tutella want your feedback as a school as well. We strive to create the best possible app experience for your staff, and your opinion matters to us. But mobile apps, like […]

Use Tutella to Help Foster School Community

Every school has to work on maintaining its community of students and teachers in a harmonious way. This can be achieved in many ways, and the Tutella digital platform will further alleviate the process. How, you ask? The features we offer will become an integral part of the way your school handles students and events. […]

The Danger of Number Swapping and how Tutella Solves the Problem

Privacy is of the utmost importance in this digital era, especially when it comes to children that are under the age of consent. We have taken all measures so that the students’ data will be protected in our app. Most people wouldn’t think of their mobile phone number as “sensitive” information, but the truth is […]

Notification Badges and why You Need to Use Them

A notification badge, or a “dot” is that small circle that appears on your app icon that lets you know that you have a pending notification that you haven’t yet acted upon. These usually automatically appear when you have a new activity in your app, and once you open it they disappear. Badges are a […]