Navigate your School Dashboard Like a Pro

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Navigate your School Dashboard Like a Pro

This blog post is dedicated to the school administrators designated with setting up and running the school’s digital profile on the Tutella platform. We created numerous video tutorials on how to operate our features, including:
⦁ Create a school enrolment code and student on-boarding poster
⦁ Copy and edit a survey
⦁ Create and complete an open question
⦁ Take a photo with Tutella
⦁ Manage your school’s photos
⦁ View survey results
⦁ Enrol as a leader
…and much more. Make sure to browse through our great selection of educational videos and learn about every feature and functionality Tutella has to offer. In order to navigate your school dashboard like a pro, you need to get acquainted with Tutella’s features. These features will be the most important key points for your school dashboard.

After you enrol your school, the first thing we recommend to do is fill out all the necessary profile information – profile picture, email, school address etc. Then, add your leaders and students and begin the journey toward a digitalised education experience!

We explained everything you will encounter while using the dashboard in this blog post, so make sure to thoroughly read that. Take your time while exploring all the possibilities Tutella has to offer, once you have a good grasp of everything the platform offers, you’ll be able to implement it in an instance.

Now is the perfect time to be a part of the new era of digitalised education, and have a clear, online preview of everything that’s happening in your school – from events to student satisfaction.
If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us and we’ll answer all your questions!

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Navigate your School Dashboard Like a Pro