How the Timer in the Survey Feature Works

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How the Timer in the Survey Feature Works

Students are not always diligent when it comes to filling out school feedback forms, and it’s somewhat understandable – they are young, sometimes distracted and energetic and they don’t always want the hassle of filling out surveys.

But getting students’ feedback is very important for the school and the staff, and we devised a way to further simplify the process – by setting up a timer option!
This solution enables your school staff/group leader to create a sense of “urgency” and prompt the students to respond faster when you want, or take their time when you have the luxury of time at your disposal.

In some situations, instant feedback is needed. In that case you can easily set the timer for 10 minutes and get your students’ response within that time frame. For other cases, you may want to let your students think about their responses over the weekend, for example. You just set your end date and that’s it – it really is that simple.

You can customise your survey in regards to number of questions, answering method (text or other) and duration, which is the main subject of this blog.

Remember, giving your students a voice is a crucial part of having a good educational experience. Once they feel comfortable to share their opinion, you’ll notice an amazing change in the quality of the experience (for the better, of course).

We created several explainer videos about the Tutella survey option which you can view on our Youtube channel. We also offer various explainer videos for all our features, so it would be helpful to browse through a library. For additional information you can contact us directly and we’d be more than happy to answer them.

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