Student online privacy


Student online privacy

Tutella was originally set up with the sole purpose of providing a safe online space for group leaders and students to interact. Since then, we’ve added some really useful features to facilitate interaction with students.

Nowadays, group leaders shouldn’t have to take down the phone number of each and every student before leaving the building. And students shouldn’t have to download an encrypted messaging service such as WhatsApp to receive messages from their leader either. There must be a more secure way than allowing leaders to walk away from a group of young students with all their telephone numbers in his/her pocket.

Faced with these musts and shouldn’ts, and with the General Data Protection Regulation in full swing, Tutella provides an innovative and comprehensive solution for data protection and individual online privacy.

Firstly, all interactions made between group leaders and their students using the Tutella app are visible on the school’s web portal, whether the students are out on an excursion, or with their homestay families. Each announcement, every survey and all photos that are taken via the app are immediately transferred onto the school’s portal allowing teachers and administrators to easily monitor all activity.

Secondly, Tutella is extremely mindful of the growing concerns surrounding children’s vulnerability with online messaging platforms such as social media accounts, encrypted messaging services and email addresses. We know that none of these platforms are 100% secure. With Tutella, there’s no need to exchange any personal data. We don’t need to know your social media account details, email address or phone number. Students log in to our intuitive app with a unique enrolment code given to them by the school. At no stage of the process do we ask for personal data.

Thirdly, we never harvest, mine or sell any of the data we hold. We believe this would undermine our core values of trust and safety.

With Tutella it couldn’t be easier.

Tutella. Photos and feedback for schools.

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