Send surveys on the move


Send surveys on the move

No more waiting, no more chasing and no more pens.

Why wait till your groups are back at school before handing out surveys? And why spend time chasing those paper surveys from your students?

Tutella allows your leaders to create and send digital surveys while they’re out and about on an excursion. Perfect for those long journeys home.

Leaders simply press ‘Create survey’ on the Leader app, type in the survey title, choose their preferred symbol for answers – stars, smiley faces, thumbs or text – and press ‘Send’.

Students instantly receive a notification on their Student app that a new survey is waiting for them. Whole groups can let you know how happy they are within seconds of receiving a survey because all results are sent directly to the school’s web portal as well as to the Leader app.

Taking just a few moments to create and to complete, Tutella’s digital surveys are saving schools a lot of time, a fair amount of paper and are taking the stress out of getting that important feedback.

With Tutella it couldn’t be easier.

Tutella. Photos and feedback for schools.

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