Send announcements if plans change


Send announcements if plans change

With Tutella’s unique Leader app one-way notification feature, there’s now a safe way to let groups know that plans have changed.

When students are spending time with their homestay families or engaged in different activities, it can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming to inform each person that a meeting time has changed or location moved.

Not with Tutella in your pocket.

Your group leaders can simply type a message into the Leader app on their phone, press ‘send’ and sit back. Immediately, a announcement will pop up on each and every one of their students’ phones.

Tutella takes personal safety very seriously and therefore the announcement feature is just one-way and students cannot message back.

What’s more, all announcement appear instantaneously on your school’s personal web portal as well as students’ phones, ensuring 100% transparency and providing greater reassurance for you as a school and for parents.

With Tutella it couldn’t be easier.

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