See how happy your students are


See how happy your students are

With Tutella, you can find out how happy your students are without reams of paper.

Gone are the days of printing off surveys, chasing stationery and having endless sheets of paper to read and turn into digital data. Simply use the Surveys feature on our Leader app – or the school’s own web portal – to design a bespoke questionnaire suited to your needs.

With a selection of automated icons to rate happiness and space for open questions, the survey function of the app facilitates the task of obtaining feedback about homestays, excursions and classroom-based activities.

Taking just a minute or two to set up, within seconds you could be receiving smiley faces, thumbs up icons or stars from your groups of students. All results are automatically sent to both the leader’s phone and your school’s personal web portal too, so there’s no more waiting around either.

With Tutella it couldn’t be easier.

Tutella. Photos and feedback for schools.

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