No need to exchange personal details


No need to exchange personal details

At Tutella, your students’ online privacy – and safety – is very important to us.

Our unique web portal and apps have been designed with incorporated features to address safeguarding concerns: with Tutella, you can reassure parents and agencies that contact between your leaders and their students will remain professional at all times.

Emergencies can happen, plans do change and programmes are known to alter. But the days when leaders must take down every student’s phone number ‘just in case’ are now in the past.

We’ve created an innovative system specifically for your school’s needs whereby leaders can contact students whatever their location. It’s called the one-way announcement system and messages can be sent via the app to groups. The school’s web portal simultaneously receives all messages too – just another feature we’ve added to give your school, agencies and parents that extra bit of peace of mind.

What Tutella offers your school is a new and safe way for leaders to contact their groups without ever exchanging personal data such as phone numbers or social media accounts.

And with data security and individual privacy now protected by the General Data Protection Regulation, we are proud to be 100% compliant.

With Tutella it couldn’t be easier.

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