Customise your app


Customise your app

Make the Tutella apps your own with several customisation features.

Our Leader and Student apps come with a few features we think you’ll like.

School publicity
You can add your school name and logo on the apps’ home screen so that it appears every time a student opens the app to send a photo or complete a survey. This is great marketing for your school, especially as groups of students set out each day on tours and trips using public transport.

Online safety
When a student first opens the app on their phone, they are invited to set a username, however the school administrator can also have the control to allocate usernames to students (is this true?) too (need to clear all this up!)

The school administrator can choose to create surveys themselves or give this task to the group leader.
All surveys can be generated into a pdf for you to use as you wish, either as a marketing tool to help promote your language school to prospective agencies and parents or to pin on your noticeboard to promote positivity within the school. Or why not showcase them on your social media account?

Student apps come with an enable/disable photos function, allowing the user to view images from others in the group or not. Photos can be sorted either by student or by date so that you can find the pictures you need when you want them.

With Tutella it couldn’t be easier.

Tutella. Photos and feedback for schools.

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