Creating Your Own Unique Username ID

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Creating Your Own Unique Username ID

Privacy in this day and age is a very delicate matter, especially when it comes to children. We at Tutella made sure that no unnecessary information will be shared, meaning the users can have their own unique username ID without providing their Facebook profile, Instagram profile or even their email.

Why is this important? Because as we discussed in the previous blog posts about privacy, children can be naive and unsuspecting when it comes to sharing their personal information online. This often results with getting unsolicited emails and a spammed inbox overall.

That way we can ensure total privacy and some ease of mind for any concerned parents. Your child’s information will never be abused or shared with third parties as we execute all our processes according to the GDPR regulative.

To put this in simple terms, the signing up process will require only a username, and the email section will be optional. If the students opt to leave their email, then we will not send spam messages by any means. We keep it simple and straightforward, just like our platform.

Below you can see how this looks in screenshots:

The sign up process is very simple, and we’ve made a tutorial on how everything works which you can find on the Tutella Youtube channel. The channel also offers simple tutorials for every feature Tutella has to offer, and our support team is on stand by for answering any questions you might have.

Tutella is a new chapter in the digitalised education trend, and offers simplicity as well as effectiveness. Be aware of everything that’s going on in your school and with your students, get instant feedback and enable the most private channel for photo sharing, all in one place.

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